We are enforcing the school uniform policy. The uniform policy information is located in the Parent Handbook. A student who has a total of three infractions will not be allowed to participate in the next dress down day event.

Students are not allowed to bring in their own tablets to school. If a tablet is brought to school, it will be given to Mrs. Willand.

Students are also to keep phones in backpack. They are not to be used until after the school day has ended at 3:00 PM. If a student has a phone out of the backpack, it will be given to Mrs. Willand.

Volunteering or chaperone

In order to volunteer in the school community, attend a field trip, or even come in as a lunch buddy for star of the week, one must complete Safe Environment training and have a current CORI form on file in the office. OLV requires a CORI form to be completed annually. Copies of the form can be found under Resources or by contacting the office. Volunteers also need to be fingerprinted-please see Mrs. Anderson for more information.

Grade 3 News

This page contains general information for grade 3 students and their parents. Please check back frequently for assignments, news, and other information.

Special Classes days and times


Gym 10:50


Computers 8:45 and 12:35

Values at 10:15

Art at 11:00

Spanish 1:25


Library at 8:45

Music at 11:15


Recorder at 1:30


Students are encouraged to bring home reading books, reading notebooks, and reading partnership material every day.

If you are looking for books that are "just right" for your child, there is a link on the left side of the page called "Scholastic Book Title Search". Just click on this site and type in the title or author of the book, and hopefully, you'll find out the level of that book. Remember, if you are having trouble with the site and don't know if the book is right for your child, that you can perform the 5 finger test. Have your child read 100 words out loud to you. If he/she has trouble with 5 or more words then that book is too hard. Your child should struggle with 2-3 words in order for the book not to be too easy or too hard.

Please make out one check to "SCHOLASTIC BOOKS". Please no cash.

Scholastic book orders are due: 

Remember that you can order easily online too! Use online code: DXRW7

Our Classroom Economy

Since the first week of school, students have been actively involved in a year-long economy unit in which they earn credits and debits. The activity is cross-curricular since students are learning major economic concepts, as well as using math skills on a daily basis.

Throughout each week, students can earn credits for any number of things. For example, students who hold classroom jobs each week earn credits on a daily basis according to the payroll. Credits are also earned sporadically for following rules, showing good character, putting extra effort into school work, and being responsible. Debits are given to students when they break laws (classroom rules) in our community of learners. At the end of each pay period, students add up their credits and subtract their debits to calculate their weekly total. They get a paycheck and go to the bank to cash it. Once it is cashed, they are allowed to shop at the Third Grade Store!

Independent Reading

Students need to read at least 30 minutes each week. Students are to write about what they read each week using a worksheet that is handed out by the teacher. Independent reading is due on Mondays. Please do not wait until Sunday night to complete. Take advantage of the time allotted just incase you do not understand something. 


Students are encouraged to practice math facts each week. They are encouraged to practice for at least 25 minutes a week which breaks down to 5 minutes a day during the week. They should practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students can use flash cards, math apps/games, write them out, say them out loud, or anything else that helps them to memorize these important math facts. This is to help them compute easier and faster when working on math problems. 

Reading Partnerships

Students need to read a preset number of pages and write their thoughts and questions on sticky notes. Then they are to meet with their partners a total of 3 times during the book to discuss what has been going on. At the end of the book, they are to work on a project and present it to the class, along with a book report form/essay to be completed by each child to be handed in to the teacher. See "For Mrs. Weed's Students" for due dates. Again please do not wait until Monday night to complete. Use your time wisely. 


Spelling words are put on the website every Friday. The pre-tests are every Friday and the tests are every Thursday.   

Minion of the Week

Check out the new schedule for the year!!! Get thinking now on what you would like to bring in!!!! 

Click Minion of the Week schedule to see the schedule.  Click here to see what fun things we do throughout the week!

NOTE: Please be aware that the schedule is tentative. Assigned weeks may change due to scheduling changes in the school/class calendar and/or snow days. If this happens students and parents will be notified and another week will be assigned for a later date.


Important Dates

Grade 3 Store opening soon!!! Grand Opening of the Grade 3 Store will be on Thursday, October 12th!!!

  • Please see the student page for up coming tests and quizzes.





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