Grade 5 Updates


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The students use enVision Math. They work with place value, decimals and fractions most of the year. The also practice geometry, measurement, data collection and graphing skills as well as problem solving.

Reading and Spelling

Reading: The students will be working with the Scott Foresman series entitled Reading Street. This series encompasses all aspects of Language Arts: fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and writing. Each Friday the students will be assessed on the weekly vocabulary words, decoding, and comprehension skills. 




  To practice and reinforce skills learned in class, check out the website  Go to Grade 5 and play games that relate to different parts of speech.  It's a great way to improve in English grammar!  


Science (Grade 5):

Students in fifth grade are using the Nancy Larson Science program which is a hands-on program with lots of online resources.   They should use a two-pocket folder as an organizational tool to keep all the Nancy Larson resources in!  Students should log into and click on "Students Links".  They have been issued usernames and passwords.  

Students will be working in different areas of science including:  life, earth, and physical.  It's important for students to keep all worksheets and study guides in their science folders.  Mastering key vocabulary words and going over notes daily is beneficial for students at this level.  Students will be informed at least a week in advance before any major test is given in order to give them ample time to study and prepare for this type of assessment.

Science (Grade 6):

Students in sixth grade will be using Pearson Interactive Science - Earth Science. They will learn about our amazing planet. They will explore topics such as weather, volcanoes, Earth's layers, rocks, water cycle and earthquakes. Students will be informed at least a week in advance before a test in given. They will have vocabulary quizzes and projects to help demonstrate their knowledge of the subjects as well. They will also be required to take notes on each chapter.



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