Dear 7th Grade Parents,

This year the diocese cancelled the science fair.  The kids will still have a smaller science project/fair in-house.  The 7th and 8th grades will be doing a STEAM project from now until the end of the year called Destination Imagination.   Mrs. O and I have never led this kind of activity before but we are confident the groups will come up with some amazing projects.  We are not competing, we will, however, show the rest of the school when the projects are finished.  

There is an open house for grades PreK-8 January 24th at 6:00.

Parents, make sure you get your registrations in for next year. 



Jen Nealon

Don't forget:

My email for this year is   I will check this email twice a day.

Keep up the good work!




Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Jan 24th - Open House
  • Jan 28th - Report Cards 
  • Jan 30th - Boys and Girls Basketball against Uxbridge Public
  • Feb 18th - 22nd - February Vacation


New 7th and 8th grade detention policy

Detention will be held on Fridays.  Two infractions within a week will result in a lunch detention.  Three infractions will result in an afterschool detention until 3:30, with an additional 15 minutes earned for each infraction after the third.  Repeat offenders will be referred to the Principal.


Behaviors that may result in a detention include:

  • uniform infractions
  • talking/interrupting class
  • not being prepared for class
  • entering the classroom inappropriately
  • wasting time
  • eating/drinking (other than water) in the classroom without permission
  • disrespecting another’s space
  • incomplete homework/late paperwork
  • misuse of iPad during class (drawing, reading, etc-->using technology for an unintended purpose)
  • asking Mrs. Anderson to print assignments

Behaviors that will result in an automatic lunch detention


  • missing homework
  • misbehaving in hallways
  • misbehaving during lunch or in the school yard
  • entering classroom without permission
  • defacing any property
  • leaving area messy at the end of the day
  • inappropriate use of technology, including using technology without permission
  • cell phone use on school property, including carrying cell phones on person


**Detentions may also be assigned at the teacher’s/principal’s discretion**




  • Students are expected to participate positively in mass, morning exercises, and classroom prayers.  

  • Students are expected to be responsible for their own learning, belongings, behavior, and choices.  I’m usually in the building early in the morning and for a little while after school.  If a student has a question or concern, I encourage him or her to bring it to my attention for discussion.  If the student and/or I determine the concern is more difficult to resolve, then the proper next steps should be taken.

  • Students should review early in the school year the academic requirements for athletic eligibility as well as the requirements for acceptance to NJHS.  It is best to put a plan together in September to ensure eligibility and success throughout the school year.  Academic eligibility is reviewed several times throughout a season; NJHS academic eligibility is dependent  upon the grades earned during the first two quarters of the year for new inductees.  Those currently on NJHS are required to maintain an 88 average during their time at OLV.

  • Students are expected to rise and greet adults who enter the room, to appropriately acknowledge adults in the building, and to respectfully stop on the stairway for an adult to pass.

  • Students are expected to behave respectfully when others are speaking.  Listen when necessary, and be patient when needed.

  • Students must knock before entering another classroom or office and wait for permission to interrupt/proceed.

  • Students are expected to use technology appropriately at all times.  This includes hours outside of school.  Matters of inappropriate use brought to the school’s attention are required to be investigated and may result in permanent loss of technology privileges during the school day.

  • Remember, freedom of speech or freedom to make choices does not mean freedom of consequences.  Each student is responsible for the choices made, the words said, and the actions completed.  In making these choices, you are accepting the consequences, positive or negative, that follow.  Choose to be leader, a good role model, and productive member of the OLV community!

Grade 7 Information


Grade 6 Social Studies- We will study ancient civilizations.  These include Mesopotamia, Egypt, Asia, Greece, Rome, and early American cultures. We will enjoy geography mysteries and study current events with Scholastic News.  Grade 6 does a project every quarter and this year's Wax Museum will be Ancient Rome.

Grades 7 Language Arts- We will master the sentence (and its parts of speech), the paragraph, and the five paragraph essay.  We will diagram sentences and write and speak in a mature way, especially when delivering speeches for Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King's Day, and President's Day.  When studying vocabulary, we will learn the spelling, the part of speech, and the definition of each word.   In addition to the five paragraph essay students will write articles, poems, and journal entries.

Grades 7 & 8 Literature- We will study all the major genres.  These include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and famous speeches.  Analyzing literature, using literary terms, and writing creatively will be our focus.  In addition to the literature we read in class, students will be responsible for reading a book and completing a book report every month.  We will be ready for High School!

Grade 5 Language Arts- We will study and practice grammar usage and apply it in creative and informational writing projects.  We will diagram sentences and write and speak in a mature way.  We will practice public speaking with the seventh grade when delivering speeches to the school on special occasions and doing in class presentations.  We will also study Latin vocabulary.




Important Dates






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