Summer math assignments for grades 5-8 are linked in the panel to the left.  The supply list for the upcoming school year is also linked.

Have a great summer!  See you on August 26th for our annual Picnic in the Parking Lot!


OLV is excited to use Google Classroom.  Over the course of the school year, we will be slowly transitioning from placing student/family information on the OLV website to using Google Classroom to communicate with current students and families.  It's a work in progress, but the teachers have embraced learning a new system and are using it more and more each day.  When a student login is used, the student and family can see all information important to that student on one screen.  There is an assignment calendar and a 'stream' where assignments and announcements can be posted.  Students can also set their devices to receive notifications and reminders based on the Google Classroom postings.  From what OLV has learned, parents get the best view and most up to date information when using the student login.  Parent/Guardian users receive only a Google generated update periodically.  Students know the procedure is to share their usernames and passwords with their parents.  If a parent has difficulty logging in as a student, please let me know and I will fix that for you as soon as possible.  


Fall 2018 Information

Finger Printing

It is required by the Diocese that ALL school volunteers, chaperones, teachers, etc. undergo the fingerprinting process through Morpho Trust.  This includes all coaches and parents attending any field trip trip.   Appointments can be scheduled online using the school's ID code, available in the office. Parents who have not completed an updated CORI, completed the Safe Environment Training, and fingerprinting will not be able to attend field trips or chaperone activities including dances and the upcoming DC trip in the fall of 2018.   If cost is an issue, please discuss this with Mrs. Willand. 



When communicating by email, please use the email listed in the left side pane of the website.  This one is reliable and I will be sure to get your message in a timely manner.  As always, if the matter needs to be addressed immediately, please contact the school office.  We cannot always check emails during the school day.   Emails received after 4:30 pm or over the weekend may not receive responses until the start of the next school day. 

Math Grades 5-8

The math curriculum will be delivered in four ways: direct instruction/note-taking, guided and independent practice, journal writing, and project based problem solving applications.   All notes and practice must be completed neatly in the math section of the student's binder as directed. Students are all expected write the original problem, show all steps, and to correct all assignments as we go over them in class.   Lesson notes may be posted on Google Classroom for the student to enter into his or her handbook for homework.  It is suggested that students read and explain their notes to a parent upon completion.  This will reinforce the material for the student as well as serve to inform the parent of what is being practiced in class.  

Students are expected to follow the steps learned in class and to show all work.  Math work must be done neatly in pencil and in an organized manner. Students who chose not to show their steps in an organized way cannot earn full credit.  As the math concepts presented become more complex, it is imperative that the student is in this habit.

Students are expected to be proficient in their basic math facts.  There should be automaticity in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing facts through 12. Additionally, students in grades 7 and 8 will be expected to know squares and square roots through 25^2.



Required Materials for Class

Students are expected to have materials needed for class with them at the start of class.  Students will not be permitted to return to their homeroom, locker, or backpack to gather forgotten materials. 

Completed Assignments

Online assignments

All online assignments are required to be submitted by 7 am on the due date.  Typically, these assignments are printed off and checked prior to the start of school and used to guide instruction for the day.  Students who do not submit their work on time MUST pass in a paper copy of the work and place it in the late work bin.  I do not recheck for late online submissions.  Late work will only be accepted until the Monday after it was assigned.  If it is not completed by then, the student will receive the zero earned for the assignment.

Paper assignments (including late online assignments)

All assignments that are completed on paper must meet the following requirements

1. Assignments must have a proper heading and the assignment should be clearly labeled (ex. Math page 123 #4-6)

2. Assignments must be completed neatly and legibly

3. Students MUST pay attention to the margin lines.  If you need to split a word between lines, it must be split BETWEEN SYLLABLES!

4. Students must use black or blue ink or pencil.

5. All typed assignments must be printed BEFORE the start of class.  Students will not be permitted to go to the office during class to ask Mrs. Anderson to print their work.

****** Late work will only be accepted until the Monday after it was assigned.  If it is not completed by then, the student will receive the zero earned for the assignment.******

Extra Help

Extra help is offered before school from 8-8:25 on Tuesday or Thursday as well as daily during morning recess. Students need to make arrangements the night before to schedule extra help before school.   Any seventh or eighth grader having iPad trouble, questions, or requests must see me prior to the start of the school day or during recess.  I will not use class time to troubleshoot an iPad.  Remember- if you lock yourself out of your iPad, it won’t get fixed until the next vacation.  It is very time consuming to unlock, restore, and set up an iPad.  



Students and parents may email me at  Please don’t email me with questions that can wait until the next day or that can be answered by a friend.  Many of your questions can be answered by looking at the school website or at the notices that should have been brought home.  Generally speaking, emails will be answered between 7 am and 5 pm.



  • Students are expected to participate positively in mass, morning exercises, and classroom prayers.  

  • Students are expected to be responsible for their own learning, belongings, behavior, and choices.  I’m usually in the building early in the morning and for a little while after school.  If a student has a question or concern, I encourage him or her to bring it to my attention for discussion.  If the student and/or I determine the concern is more difficult to resolve, then the proper next steps should be taken.

  • Students should review early in the school year the academic requirements for athletic eligibility as well as the requirements for acceptance to NJHS.  It is best to put a plan together in September to ensure eligibility and success throughout the school year.  Academic eligibility is reviewed several times throughout a season; NJHS academic eligibility is dependent  upon the grades earned during the previous year for new inductees (quarters 3,4,1,2).  Those currently on NJHS are required, among other criteria, to maintain a 90 average during their time at OLV.

  • Students are expected to rise and greet adults who enter the room, to appropriately acknowledge adults in the building, and to respectfully stop on the stairway for an adult to pass.

  • Students are expected to behave respectfully when others are speaking.  Listen when necessary, and be patient when needed.

  • Students must knock before entering another classroom or office and wait for permission to interrupt/proceed.

  • Students are expected to use technology appropriately at all times.  This includes hours outside of school.  Matters of inappropriate use brought to the school’s attention are required to be investigated and may result in permanent loss of technology privileges during the school day, as well as detentions or suspensions, and probation or dismissal from extra-curricular activities.

  • Each student is responsible for the choices made, the words said, and the actions completed.  In making these choices, you are accepting the consequences, positive or negative, that follow.  Choose to be leader, a good role model, and productive member of the OLV community!


Daily Schedule

Dress Code (Reminder...OLV's uniform policy will be strictly enforced!)

Detention Policy

Dismissal Procedures:

  • Students will be dismissed from the building at 2:50
  • Classes will line up in the parking spaces near the building as they do in the morning for drop-offs
  • Parents will cross the driveway between the school parking lot and the church parking lot, waiting between the playground fence and the basketball hoop for the teacher to dismiss their child
  • Children will not be permitted to walk to the main parking lot alone
  • At 3:00, students taking a bus home will be dismissed to the teacher on bus duty; all others will attend after school care and appropriate fees will be assessed



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It is the policy of Our Lady of the Valley not to discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, nation of origin, or religion in its admission decisions, educational programs, services, activities, or employment.