Reminders: As you are shopping for your school supplies and uniforms please remember to refer to the handbook. Students must be in proper uniform. The Science room gets chilly so be sure to have an OLV sweater or sweatshirt in your closet! No non-uniform sweaters or sweatshirts allowed!

Dismissal Procedure:  Classes will head outside promptly at 2:50p.m. Classes will be lined up like they do each morning in front of the school. They will be facing the playground.  Parents will park their vehicles in the parking lot and cross driveway to wait in front of the playground fence area for their child/children. The children will be dismissed by their classroom teacher.  At 3:00p.m., the bus children go to the teacher on bus duty and the rest of the children will be sent to After School Care to wait for parent pickup.  Parents will be charged a fee accordingly by ASC.

Grade 6 News

Welcome Sixth Grade!  

Gym - Monday (Coach Burke)

Library - Tuesday (Mrs. Neal)

Spanish - Tuesday & Wednesday (Mrs. Lynch)

Music - Thursday (Mrs. Rett)

Values - Thursday (Mrs. Bombara)

Art - every other Tuesday (Mrs. Tutella)


Nature's Classroom News:  

Dates: April 9th-13th

Important Dates





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