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We have Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Religion as a part of our regular curriculum.  We also have Values, once a month with Mrs. Bombara, Art, once a week, Music, once a week, Physical Education, once a week, Computer, once a week, and Library, once a week.  As part of our Reading and Math we use tablets, once a week.  The supply list is on the first page so you may check that before school starts.  I have crayons and pencils for the first few weeks.  I will provide a daily folder and journals. 

 I have put up a bird feeder and a suet basket outside in the tree outside our window.  Last year the children enjoyed seeing the birds that come.  We have seen woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmouse, and goldfinches.  In the winter months last year we saw bluebirds.  If anyone would like to donate black oil sunflower seed or high energy suet I would appreciate it.  In the winter months the bluebirds come when we put out "Peanut Delight" suet.  Thank you!  I was out of thistle but my husband donated a thistle feeder and some thistle.  The goldfinch visit and happily eat the thistle.  We are out of bird seed and suet.

We have a bead jar which we work to fill as a class.  When the children follow rules and/or show kindness toward one another a bead goes into the jar.  When it is full the class benefits from some type of reward. We have filled it twice and are on the third filling! Our bead jar is almost full again.  We received two beads this week because Mrs. Willand heard us singing "The Star Spangled Banner" and came in to compliment us on how well we sang.  

Your child's Daily Folder will come home each day, please return it each morning.   I will collect this folder each morning read any notes and forward any papers for the office.  There may be several important messages in the folder so please check it as well as the web page each day.  You may email through the web page or you may send a note in the folder.  I will check it each day and return it each afternoon with your child.

Morning drop off is no earlier than 8:15 am.  That is the time a teacher will be on duty. Children are to wait outside in their line.  I will meet them outside at 8:30.  At the beginning of the year you are welcome to wait with your child.  If you arrive before 8:15 am, you may leave your child with Before School Care (BSC) or you may wait outside with them. There is a charge for BSC. BSC is available from 7 am until 8:15 am.

Please do not send novelty items.  Children may bring a book to use at rest time.  (no stuffed animals or blankets)

We have a snack before going to morning recess.  Please pack the snack SEPARATELY from lunch and let your child know where it is. If your child needs a fork or spoon to eat their snack or lunch, please pack one with their food.  One snack and one small drink.  Snack is not that far before lunch.  This year we are a NUT FREE CLASSROOM.  Please make sure your child's snack does not contain nuts of any kind. If you have any questions about allergies, you may contact the school nurse through the office.

 We dismiss at 2:50 pm.  The children will come out with me, line up in the same place we line up in the morning before school.  Parents will wait near the playground and I will dismiss the children one at a time when I have made eye contact with you.  If at 3:00 pm, your child is still waiting, he/she will be sent to After School Care (ASC) and you will be charged accordingly.  In case of rain dismissal will be the same.  Parents, please remember to wait for your child near the playground.  It is difficult to spot parents and grandparents when they are on the side near the driveway.  We cannot see through the lines of other students. 

READING - We will start with our fifth Reading Unit.  There will be a small booklet that comes home with each story.  It will include the new words we add each week.  Please keep it and have your child read it to you often.  This will reinforce the sight words that we practice each week.   

The question of the week will be: What are different ways of building?  

The Big Question for the Fourth Unit is: How do we build a school?  If your child is not forthcoming about what he/she learned in school you can bring up these topics.  Hopefully, it will start a conversation about the school day.

Everyone will have a chance to take Kanga and Roo home for a weekend.  If your child brings home Kanga on Friday make sure he/she returns it on the following Monday (or Tuesday if we have a Monday holiday)  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  If your child does not return Kanga on time someone else will not have a turn.  There will be a notebook in the bag with Kanga and Roo.  Please write a short narrative to tell what your child did with the mascots over the weekend.  We will read it together when it is returned. This is a great language development and a great way to get to know classmates.  We are on our second turns with Kanga.

We have  "What's in the Sack?" each day. This is another oral language development program since children have to ask and answer questions.  It also gives children to explore what favorite things they have in common
When your child brings home the sack, help him/her choose something that is important to them.  We will ask questions about the item and then guess what is in the sack.  We have suspended "What's in the sack?" for this year.  The children were very good at guessing what was in the sack.

 Reading words: I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, my, like, for, he, me, with, she, see, look, you, of, they, are, that, do, one, two, three, four, five, from, here, go, where, come.  This si our list of sight words.  We are reviewing all and especially short vowel sounds.

Math - Our  Topic in Math is Position and Location of Shapes. If your child has trouble writing numbers above ten please practice with him/her.  They are required to write them quite quickly and if they practice it will make it easier for them.  I  will send home, in the daily folder, a Glossary of terms.   Please keep the glossary for the year. These will be terms that I use in the classroom.  When your child brings home the math papers you should review them using this glossary.

Religion -  We will say prayers each day.  We say The Our Father and Guardian Angel Prayer in the morning, Grace before and after lunch, and the Hail Mary at the end of the day.  Your child will learn these by just reciting them each day.  We will also read, sing, and pray about the gifts God gives us.  Our essential question is: Why are we wonderfully made by God?  When the project disciple page comes home ask your child about our lesson. They have been instructed to share the information on the page.  We are also joining the school community every first Friday to say the rosary and during advent and lent every Friday, the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Feel free to join us. We will practice by watching a video on How to Say the Rosary.  The children enjoy it and are ready to join in with the school wide rosary on Friday.  I have rosary beads that the seventh and eighth graders made last year for your children.  I will give them out at the beginning of the year.  The kindergarten will lead the rosary on Friday, May 19th.

Thank you to those who fulfilled their Lenten observance by filling in the caterpillar that was sent home.

Religion - We will be spending time learning about the life of Jesus.  We will supplement by reading from Jesus for Children. 

Science - We will start Science by learning how to observe the weather.  We will do this daily and record the results.  We will also begin by learning about scientists.   Our essential question for the rest of the month will be: How do we use and observe objects?   We will learn how to exercise with a fun CD.  As an extra we will also observe the birds at our feeders. We are looking at objects to see if they are easy to push and pull. Last week we explored liquids. We are growing plants from seeds.  Hopefully you will have something to plant soon.

Social Studies - We will be exploring the Earth.  The  essential question will be: How can we take care of the Earth, God gave us?  

I will try to keep you up to date on what we are doing for work.  If you have any questions please ask.


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