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 This year we will have "Guardian Angels".  Each child will be paired with an older child who will be his/her guardian angel all year.  There will be many activities throughout the year when your child's "angel" will help him/her and just be there to be a friend.  More information will come as we get into the school year.

We go to church once each month.  We will start with Mass on the first day of school.  Since Physical Education will not start right away your child should wear their regular uniform on Monday instead of a gym uniform.  The second Mass will be planned by the Kindergarten class and the eighth grade class.  Watch for the date in the newsletter.

We are in need of bird seed.  We feed the birds outside our window so black oil bird seed (or other bird mix), thistle (for the goldfinch and chickadees), and suet for all the birds especially in the winter months would be appreciated.

Report cards will be issued for the first quarter (they are not required until January), this will give you a good idea as to whether your child needs help to improve in any area.  Information in how to access your child's report card will be coming.   If you have trouble accessing after the first quarter closes please contact Mrs. Anderson.  There will be marks for everything except Art, Music, and Physical Education.  They will be added in January.

We fill our bead jar.  We earn beads to put in the jar by following the rules and being helpful to one another. (In a quiet line, putting away our materials, being polite, etc.) 

Please note that uniforms will be essential.  The uniform for K is clearly spelled out on this web site.  You must read and sign the form on the Parent's Handbook so please make sure you read the uniform chart carefully.  Your child will be sent a note or email if there is something out of place so you may correct it.  If we have to send three notices about uniforms your child will lose the privilege of the following Dress Down Day.  This includes wearing tattoos and nail polish. 

Just a reminder that there are no electronic devises at school unless provided by the teacher.  No cell phones, Ipads, tablets, etc. are to be used during the school day that includes during Before or After School care.

If you would like to read to the class, go on a field trip, help out in the school in any way, you must complete a CORI, complete Safe Environment Training, and have finger prints taken through Morpho.  You can get information from the office.  If the fee for fingerprinting is a problem see Mrs. Willand.

   The lunch boxes will be put aside as soon as we come in in the morning so your child's snack, which will go in the cubbies must be packed separately from lunch.  Your child will not be able to access his/her lunch box to retrieve a snack.

Supply List:

Crayons, 24 pack (no large packs)

Liquid Glue and glue sticks

Eraser (not novelty ones)

Scissors (child size)

Art shirt

Pencils (3 or 4 is ample)

Pencil box (large enough to fit all above items)

These items can be replenished as your child needs them.  We will send a note.

Mat cover 2' by 4'

I always try to encourage the children to draw bodies, arms, legs, feet, hands, etc. on the people they draw.  I expound on this with facial parts and other details.  I also ask for backgrounds.  I find that some children do not automatically add in details unless they are asked.

 Library books are due in on Wednesdays (this day may change).  Please remember so your child will be able to take out a new book each week.

 We use a "spaceman" to help your child learn to leave a space between their letters and then words as they begin to write.  If I write "Please use your spaceman" you will know why.

I will keep the supply list on the web site so you may periodically check it and send in replacements as needed.

 Supply List Crayons, pencils, white glue and glue stick, scissors, art shirt, mat cover 2'x4'.  I start the children off with large pencils and crayons and a daily folder.  (The mat cover is to protect the mat since it is laid out on the floor every day.  Crib sheets do not cover the bottom of the mat so please try to make a mat cover that will slip over the whole mat and protect the bottom and top.)

I have a few mat covers in my closet that people have donated when their last child left Kindergarten.  Please let me know if you would like one.  First come....

 Please include a change of clothes for your Kindergarten child.  Pack it in a large zip lock bag and include, pants/jumper, shirt, underwear, and socks.  I will keep them on hand in case your child needs them for any reason.  If your child has an "accident" and you do not have a change of clothes we will have to call you to come get him/her.

 Donations, Tissues, hand wipes, nonalcoholic hand wash, Mr. Clean "magic erasers", and bird and suet. Thank you!  

Please help your children learn to zip and button their winter coats.  If they cannot do it easily please have them practice at home so they will not get frustrated trying at school.  I will help them but I insist they try first and with many children and one set of hands they will get tired of waiting their turn.  It is also time to learn to tie shoes.  I tell them I will not tie shoes after Christmas!

I am looking forward to a great year!

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