School begins at 8:30 and ends at 2:50. There will be a staff member in the classroom starting at 8:15. If you need to drop your child off before 8:15 you may do so in the Kindergarten room at the before school care program. This program has a separate charge for care.  Half -day is 8:30 to 11:30. If you are ever going to be late please don't worry, call the school at (508) 278-5851 to let us know and we will bring your child to the after school program. The after school program is held in the Cafeteria.

NEW UNIFORM for Preschool Students 2017-2018

In order to create and maintain a sense of community at OLV, it has been decided to create a new uniform for the incoming preschool (PreK-3 and PreK-4) students beginning in August, 2017. Preschool children will be required to wear navy blue shorts (warm weather), navy blue skorts (girls), navy blue pants, (solid dark blue leggings are ok) short/long sleeved navy, white or light blue shirts (collared polo or t-shirt), navy blue sweatshirts (hoodie, zip-up, or spiritwear) and closed toe, sturdy sneakers/school shoes. No flip-flops, Crocs, sandals or 'fashion' boots.

Tiny Wings 3 Year-Old Program News



Wow! It is February already. We have been having fun playing in our beauty shop and construction area. We have also enjoyed going outside to play and getting some fresh air! Please make sure your child has all their things so they are able to go and play outside. 

We have really been working hard on tracing our names, and learning all the letters in our names. We have been reviewing our shapes, and will be talking about numbers 6, 7, and 8. We will also be learning letters M, N, and O. As a class we have been talking about positional words, such as in front of, below, next to, etc. 

Important Dates

February 14th - Valentine class celebration

February 14th - School Mass / Ash Wednesday

February 19th -23rd February Vacation

Start of the Year Information: 

We request that each family bring in 2 disinfecting wipes (for tabletops), 2 boxes of tissues, 2 baby wipes, and/or flushable wipes and 1 paper towel.  We want to try to keep germs at bay! We could also use napkins, and utensils, throughout the year. We are always in need of "stuff" for our projects. Many items can be found around the home, others at craft/dollar type stores. Some items we use often are: glue sticks, coffee filters, seasonal stickers, cotton balls, glitter, googly eyes, feathers. Donations are always appreciated. Thank you!!


Welcome to the Tiny Wings Preschool -3 home page

What your child should bring to school:

 Please clearly put your child's name on all belongings- including mat cover

Backpack – inside the backpack should be a snack, lunch,  water bottle and a folder (which we will provide). Children do not need to bring their own school supplies, and we ask that you do not send in toys from home, they sometimes get misplaced, and we do have many toys to play with!

Two complete change of clothes-  All children in this program should be potty-trained, however, we completely understand that accidents  happen.  The change of clothes comes in handy for spills also!  We will keep these sets of clothes in your child’s cubby and will send home any soiled clothes in a plastic bag to be replaced on your child’s next school day.

Mat Cover – We have mats for each child for rest-time. Please send in a mat cover (crib sheets fit perfectly). If your child likes to rest with a small stuffed animal, or blanket, you may send that  along, (no pillows please) we  just ask that it fits inside their cubby. We send these covers home periodically to be cleaned.  If you prefer to take it home at the end of each week, just let us know!

Labeled water bottle - We go outside daily and it's important that the children stay hydrated with the warm weather we sometimes have in the early fall and spring. Thank you!

Snack -  Please send a healthy snack each day along with a drink in a bag separate from the lunch box (we eat snack in the morning). If you do not want to send a separate bag for snack please let your child know what choice is for snack.We recommend fruit, veggies, yogurt, cheese, crackers…these healthy choices help keep children focused and energized for their busy school day!  

Lunch – We eat lunch in our classroom, not in the cafeteria. We have found the children enjoy the comfort and quiet of the classroom!  If you prefer to buy a school lunch, the menu will be posted on the school website.  We recommend you print that out and circle the days you are buying to help keep track of which days to send a lunch for your child. We will send a lunch envelope home on Mondays which must be returned by Friday to order lunch for the following week.  


Scholastic Book Orders – Each month we will be sending home book orders for you to look through. Orders can be placed on-line, or by check.  Each time you place an order on-line the classroom receives a free book.  We always appreciate you participating in this program.

Curriculum – During Religion, the children will learn about God's creation and  prayer.

 Through instruction, music, movement and "play" the children will explore:

Social and Emotional Development

Language and Communication Skills

Emergent Literacy 

Math and Science

Social Studies

Art and Music


Physical Development

There will be 2 assessments done throughout the year on your child so that we may evaluate your child's progress, one in January, and a final evaluation at the end of the year.


Please know that I am always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.  You can e-mail me at or send a note in your child's backpack at anytime I will get back to you as soon as possible. 








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