Our Program

OLV believes in implementing a program that is a balance of traditional academic practices and 21st century learning through the use of technology and the application of skills.  Our teachers use a variety of assessment methods to guide student learning. At any time, one can visit a classroom performing skits and plays, creating a portfolio, using coding to demonstrate a concept, having a debate, or completing a creative writing assignment.   When coupled with traditional tests and quizzes, our students are provided many avenues to demonstrate their learning and deepen their understanding.


Our curriculum standards are guided by the standards provided by the Diocese of Hartford, the Diocese of Phoenix, Next Generation Science Standards, and the National Common Core Standards.  Connections to faith and the appreciation of all that God has provided for us are made throughout the school day and across the curriculum. The strength of our curriculum is evidenced by the success that our graduates experience at the high school level, the ease with which they transition to a rigorous college preparatory setting, and the colleges and universities that our alumni attend.  Our teacher to student ratios, flexible learning environment and inclusive community offer each student an environment that encourages a growth mindset and fosters curiosity, creative thinking, and effective problem solving.


OLV is keenly aware of the need for this generation of students to have a strong math, science, and technology skill set and to be able to use these skills to engineer solutions to modern day problems.  Critical thinking and creative problem solving  are supported and encouraged.  The students’ day is infused with a combination of technology and hands on activities. 


Every teacher makes use of our Maker Space to conduct science experiments, present creative activities, and to facilitate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities to encourage a deeper understanding of the connections between the classroom lessons and the world around us.  New for 2019-2020, STEAM has been added as a scheduled class that meets three times per week for our 7th and 8th grade students, providing them with the opportunity to expand their skills as effective problem solvers and to learn to stretch their thinking beyond the classroom walls.