Volunteer Opportunities

At OLV, community is alive and well!  Parents and families working with our administration and faculty ensures each student’s success.  Together, we make OLV a special place to learn and grow!


Volunteering at your child’s school has been statistically proven by the US government’s National Center for Educational Statistics to encourage children to achieve higher academic success and greater motivation to learn and to make long-lasting social connections.  At OLV, this is evidenced by our parent participation and our strong alumni connections. Having a family that is connected to the school builds a sense of confidence and value in a child. Our students are better connected, more secure, and more invested in creating positive outcomes academically, spiritually, and socially.  


God has provided us with an abundance of gifts! Your time, talent and treasure has been given to you so that you might be a blessing to others.  The OLV community thrives with your help. Think about your special talents and abilities. How can you use them for God’s work within the OLV community? Opportunities exist to assist during the school day, to participate in our early childhood community reading program, to join our Parents’ Guild, to participate in our extracurricular programs, and to assist from home.